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Many young guys love cougars because they are sick of high maintenance girls and let's be honest, young guys always want action and only cougars have the libido to keep up.

So don't think about it just in terms of cougar and young guys, if you're a young guy and are sick of the high maintenance girls or if you're a mature women who's bored of lazy older guys who don't give you the attention you need then there might be something you've been missing which Cougar Shag can help you gain.

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Earlier this year, he captioned a picture of himself reclining naked on a bed with the words: ‘Girl, you ready for your three minutes in heaven (foreplay included)?

’Others show him gazing at the camera and pouting in posed shots which would put even the most attention-hungry female starlet to shame.

She ended up requiring the services of divorce super-lawyer Laura Wasser to make sure that the departing Wiseman, who she had adored, did not get his hands on any of her post-separation earnings. Neither of them has commented on the split but Wiseman, 44, was spotted earlier this year shopping for furniture with his new love, CJ Franco, who is noted for raunchy topless modelling shoots and resembles, in the unfair way which so often happens, a much younger version of Beckinsale.

Now, what’s sauce for the gander is clearly sauce for the goose, as Kate, hitherto the acme of respectability, seems delighted by her jaw-dropping, ego-boosting liaison with a young man who is — take that, Len Wiseman — a full two decades her junior.

Indeed, his Instagram account paints a picture of a young man desperate for fame — and willing to do almost anything to get it.

Indeed, I can reveal that Rife said in an interview only five months ago that Kate Beckinsale is his ‘celebrity crush’ and that he hopes to marry her.

We get lots of feedback from our members saying how they didn't expect to date a cougar so fast right after joining the site, but the fact is that our site is perfect at putting people together who fit each other's needs.

Since cougars have a reputation for knowing exactly what they want, it's not difficult to get them to agree to go on a date with you, so long as you fit the bill, but seeing as they aren't really too demanding that isn't particularly difficult - basically, if you're a young guy (preferably one who likes mature women) you will find easy success getting yourself a cougar date and both parties will likely cap the night off getting what they want.

Her top is by L' Agence, and we love the flattering draped silhouette, wrap over shape and pretty lace trim.

A white blouse is a classic item that everyone should have in their wardrobe but if you want to take this staple piece to the next level then click (right) to invest now.

Beckinsale, born in leafy Chiswick, effortlessly made the leap from fresh-faced West London student to Hollywood goddess 20 years ago.


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  5. Like many boarding school boys forcibly removed from their mother at an early age, I tended to place women on unfeasibly high pedestals.

  6. I get my fill of that from the media coverage of the British Royal Family.

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