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Remarkably, 13 per cent of respondents claimed they could never date a person if they supported a rival club.

More than one in five said they have skipped dates or nights with a partner in favour of following their team and almost one in ten claim football is more important to them than their love life. Almost two thirds (59%) still believe they manage to maintain a healthy balance between their love lives and their football team.

By the very young age, he has appeared in some films and television series which has helped him to accumulate an incredible salary. Well, we can say that he is too busy to find his lady love.

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United fans are the least dateable to supporters of other top-flight clubs, with one in ten of those asked saying they’d refuse a date with a United supporter.

While Chelsea came bottom of the league for most attractive fans.

Supporters of Manchester United and Chelsea have been dubbed the least datable and least attractive in the Premier League, according to a study.

More than 1,000 supporters of Premier League clubs were asked by dating service which rival fans they found most attractive and which they would be willing to date.

While some of the actors are misleading their love life and the issues of their personal life for publicity, some actors are justifying their talent through their portrayals.

Doc Shaw, who portrayed the character of Malik Payne in Tyler Perry's House of Payne is one of those celebrities who is loved by many people.

When he appeared in Tyler Perry's House of Payne, he was a chubby kid who has now turned to a good looking guy.

Caption: Doc Shaw’s before (L) and after (R) weight loss picture.

Newly promoted Bournemouth topped the table of lookers, with more than half of those asked (58%) agreeing that they’d be happy to date a Cherries supporter.

South Coast neighbours Southampton came second with Norwich sitting pretty in third.

The Bahá'í Faith considers itself a successor to the traditional Abrahamic religions.


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