The villages dating

He’s 6 feet 5 inches and recently slim from the Wheat Belly Diet, the sort of guy who un-self-consciously wears a Santa hat out to dinner during the holidays.

I really can’t overstate how much I like Bob Ozbolt.

Village del Mar is located in close proximity to two retention ponds.

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Residents live in subdivisions with names announced with baroque stone signage.

There’s Village de la Vista and the Village of Zamora and Harmeswood of Belle Aire.

Bob and Georgann dwell in a smartly decorated three-bedroom that backs up to the ninth hole of one of The Villages’ 33 “executive” nine-hole golf courses.

They looked at retirement communities all over the country.

” For a beat I consider keeping my hotel reservations — the sexual mythology surrounding The Villages is terrifying.

Turns out, though, that it was nothing more than an autocorrect gaffe that Georgann apologizes for later.Seventy miles northwest of Orlando International Airport, amid the sprawling, flat central Florida nothingness — past all of those billboards for Jesus and unborn fetuses and boiled peanuts and gator meat — springs up a town called Wildwood. Acres of palmetto, hummock, and pine forest clear-cut and covered with vivid sod. What was once rolling pasture land has been leveled with clay and sand.And she’s force of nature: informed, opinionated, principled, an expert people watcher and virtuosic gossip.They raised kind and well-rounded kids too — both wildly successful banker types — who do things like go into a K-Mart around the holidays and anonymously pay for some less fortunate family’s entire layaway order.The Ozbolts settled here two years ago after a lifetime of moving in service of Bob’s career.

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