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In addition, London doesn't know how to read or write, due to this life of academic failure and neglect.She does a science project with Zack and Woody in Sea Monster Mash but has great reluctance to do it since she has never done her own projects before and due to her illiteracy.She is also shown to have great craftsmanship, as seen in "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" when she is fixing the broken ship in the bottle.

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When she was growing, she started to cover the emptiness her father created when she discovered shopping as Maddie discovered in Kisses & Basketball, she buys things she doesn't need only to cover the emptiness in her heart, her habit doesn't noticeably lessen and is never mentioned again.

Despite her wealth and outward happiness, she is miserable, because her father never appeared when she needed him, such as when the Tipton family lose all of their money in the episode Poor Little Rich Girl, and during the father-daughter dance at London's school in the episode The Prince & The Plunger.

Although she is shown to be able to be very deceptive, like in Lost at Sea she tricked everybody into believing she was under a lot of stress so she didn't have to work.

When it comes to homework, London never does it, except for one time where it was actually lines of lipstick though she did get a "D" because Miss Tutweiller liked the shade of the color.

London enrolled at Maddie's Catholic school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow after her father tried to attend Parents Night at London's old school and they had never heard of her.

Later on, London was expelled because she did not attend her classes.

London had a tough childhood because her father was always away on business and constantly marrying different women (such as Brandi Tipton). When she was a little child, her father did not attend any of London's plays in her childhood years because he was supposedly very busy.

She once mentioned in Marriage 101 that her father has married 12 times. London told Maddie in Lip Synchin' in the Rain that her father did not bother attending any of her school performances (such as Itsy Bitsy Spider).

Zack Martin, Cody Martin, Marion Moseby, Maddie Fitzpatrick, Bailey Pickett, Marcus Little, Woody Fink, Carey Martin, Mary-Margaret, Lance, Nia, Corrie, Tiffany, Francesca Grubman, Chelsea Brimmer, Esteban Ramírez, Maya Bennett Porchia Tennenbomb London Leah Tipton is one of the main characters of The Suite Life series.

She is the only daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of The Tipton Industries.

It was also mentioned that London wore an Arthuro Vitali Diapers when she was still a baby.

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