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Before, they could give you a random ass number (the one I got was for a flower shop lol, still remember haha).

Getting the numbers from girls I'm interested in these past months has been easy, getting these girls to actually go out with me has been fucking brutal. It's because it's socially awkward to flat out say no to someone.

I don't even bother), I'm not pushy when setting up dates I'm always open and flexible with that stuff, I'm not forceful when I'm asking for the digits either (I'm a one and doner when it comes to that. I'm not new to the game, I've just gotten back in it after a long hiatus. I'm really hoping this has just been one of those moments in life where someone is just having a string of misfortune and isn't some epidemic that's gaining traction all of a sudden. And if you changed your mind, which is perfectly fine, for the love of god just let a dude know. It also drove me nuts when single and basically started a policy of, you flake on me once you're dead to me unless you are the ones making plans next time. And afterwards it's easier to say no on the phone than face to face. Concentrate on getting as many numbers as possible isntead of focusing on getting the one specific number. I have had no problem getting a lot of girls' numbers last year, and they'd always be willing to hang out / go on a date. Then they'd drop of the face of the earth, or change into a completely different person, or what have you. What I don't get is when they have those wild personality changes. It's easier for them this way for the dudes are being pushy with getting a number.

By this point I already know what a lot of you are probably thinking; Force, maybe you're doing or saying something to turn these women away. I don't bombard them with text, I'm always polite when I speak to them, I don't say weird awkward shit or even make jokes (a lot of jokes so easily get lost in translation in texts. I know the do's and don'ts of asking women out and how to conduct yourself like a decent human being when speaking with them. Some also like the attention even if it's from stringing along guys that they have no interest in. Too many men are douchebags who can't no as a serious answer so some women find it easier just to play aloof until the guy gets bored/frustrated and gives up. You said you can handle a no, well a lot of dudes can't and keep pushing.

=/ I'm guessing it's easier for them just giving their number be done with it and then ignore you.

Why give me your number if you're not really interested? The first time this happened in the past 4 months a girl told me she already had a boyfriend so she couldn't go out with me. If a women is interested in you, you're going to have mutual back and forth. " I didn't know what to think because I've literally never been in a situation like that. Originally Posted by Forceatowulf Those were all confirmed real numbers. Originally Posted by GQman2121 This is part of the reason I prefer to give the number out.

you see it in sales too- don't take the first "no" for an answer. I leave her a voicemail (this confirmed it was the real number because her answering machine says her full name). She seemed kinda shy about the whole thing but, again, like the other two girls she didn't much hesitate to give me her number. This is incredibly hard especially when you just want to be friends. Seems like you're picking up women in situations where they aren't mentally ready to shut a guy down so they just postpone it. Third time this happened I hit on a girl at the super market. In my experience, once you get the number, keep the calls/texts to an absolute minimum until you get on that date. It also drove me nuts when single and basically started a policy of, you flake on me once you're dead to me unless you are the ones making plans next time. A lot guys develop this passive aggressive women frustration because of this. You're not interested in all the women you meet, neither are they.Women I ask out are giving me their numbers (REAL numbers) and then give me the cold shoulder when I call/text. Now look, I've had this happen to me before in the past here and there but never this frequently. Have a nice day." she fucking offers her number to me. Originally Posted by iamshadowlark You might be scaring them off. If she has your number, she'll see you call or text and get back to you if she wants if not then move on. Although, I don't even think it's worthwhile to tell them later, after you night you met, to "call you when she's ready" - has that worked for you? Too many guys get caught up with the one girl thing instead of keeping it moving, meeting more and more women and choosing the ones that have interest in you.Is this some new form of meta trolling women have decided to do to men now? I don't even go down that road, if they aren't trying to make it happen after we meet, then there's no point in even try to throw that line out there telling them to call you some other time. Fucking romantic comedies and TV have really created a nation of simps. I knew it was weird as fuck, but it was so fucking odd that the only rational reason I could think of was "Ok, maybe she's gonna break up with him or something soon?Some chicks live for the cat and mouse, and they never want to be the cat.


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