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Armies would sabotage an approaching enemy’s water supplies with poisons or dead animals, essentially disabling or killing anyone who would take a drink from the source.

Democratic societies are becoming increasingly complex machines with many intricate moving parts.

These same machines can be brought to a standstill if someone throws a monkey wrench into its exposed structure.

The were apprehended before being able to dump typhoid bacterial cultures into large US cities water supplies.

However, if a terrorist organization accessed a water distribution center, either forcibly or from the ‘inside’, they could pump deadly contaminants throughout a city. In October of 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo killed ten people and injured three others using a Bushmaster semiautomatic .223 sniper rifle, during a three week shooting spree.

This list by no means is an attempt to support acts of terror, or to give a knock against democracy.

Its purpose is to explore the most pressing terrorists threats democracies face, and perhaps engage in a discussion on where the line stands between freedom and security.

In September 1999, four Russian apartment buildings were hit during a series of bomb attacks. These bombs however were planted in the apartment basement the night before.

Water terrorism has had a long history, dating back to ancient times.

On a particular night, when all the other residences in the complex are sleeping, the terrorist would remotely detonate the explosives from afar, and bring the building down.

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