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They not only treat the ill, but they also inform to prevent illnesses from occurring.

The clinic sees and treats numerous students on a daily basis, with nurses working overtime to treat students.

I'holo by Ohiiiyl Ihompson *s» ■o -* Moving out of the parent's house and rooming with other students can bring up some sticky issues when it comes to keeping house.

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Sophomore health and human performance major Alicia Cannon and sophomore psychology major Brittini Guillory are two NSU students rooming together who at first had conflicts over grocery shopping.

"We have problems with deciding who should buy stuff," said Guillory.

The tree screenings and health pamphlets are available to students on a variety of physical and mental illnesses, such as breast cancer, depression, eating disorders and alcohol abuse.

To help prevent the spread of germs, the clinic sponsors a campaign to educate students of the importance of washing hands thoroughly and coughing properly.

The care and dedication that the nurses and physicians put into their work makes them true assets to NSU.

Adam Zelasko v Junioi education majoi Melissa Anderson makes u file loi u ihi Iumi I.

However, Cannon and Guillory found that shopping together worked well because they found ways to reach a compromise.

Guillory and Cannon were acquaintances, but not close friends when they moved in together. Mc Kay and Mahaffey have found that rooming with people who have a similar major can be very beneficial.

Photo by Chris Reich u i on 1 Have you every walked through the second floor of the Student Union and noticed a wall full of pictures on it?

Did you ever wonder who they were and how they got their picture on the wall?

Burton is a senior biology, chemistry and physics triple major from Bossier City.

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