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There isn’t much detail about what this means exactly, but I suspect it gives you the ability to chat with the users who show up on that “Popular People” page. ) If you are concerned about in-app purchases, you can always disable them in Restrictions.———————————————————–Like most other apps and social sites, Tango is not intended for those under thirteen, which is mentioned in their privacy policy and terms of service.

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Also, even with location services turned off, there is a search box where you can change your location.

So really all you have to do is tell Tango where you are – or mark any location on a map – and the app will search for users near that area.

Most were tame, but I did see a bit of nudity and a nice young gentleman with his middle finger in the air.

As with other social networking sites and apps, certain information in your profile is always public, such as your name or username and profile picture.

As always you’ll want to discuss with your kids that with any app or website: Tango does have a “block user” feature if it comes to that.

With these safeguards in mind, Tango could be used just as safely as built-in messaging such as i Message.

You can set your profile to Private and you can turn off location services for the Tango app if you would prefer not to use these features.

Parents, if your kids are using Tango you may want to ensure these settings are in place.

This is true with Tango, so you might urge your teen to make sure they are not sharing personal information here.

There is a spot to include birthday (month and date) and gender but you can leave those blank.

This makes disabling location services kind of useless – you can manually set your location instead of having your device tell the app where you are.


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