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Our DJ was super helpful in helping us plan some games and get the crowd involved.

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Each guitar sculpture and mural will celebrate a musician, personality, or artist unique to the region’s history with sponsorship by local businesses and individuals.

The Guitar Town Project will unite the Waukesha area business and cultural communities.

From the moment they promptly answered the phone to the follow-up on our music requests and details, this company understands the meaning of "professional service". He called a week in advance to go over our requests and details, showed up over 2 hours early to prepare, and consistently made sure the music and dancing was in accord with what we wanted. Our experience is best summed up when we spoke to the Music Director, Carrie, about whether she had any suggestions on certain music to play during our ceremony.

She said "Well, first of all, the only right music is the music YOU want, and we'll make whatever you want work, because it's YOUR day." Couldn't have said it better. They make the planning super easy through their online form, and I thought they were incredibly helpful and professional.

Looking at the tall guitars, the project is becoming a reality in Waukesha – the birth and final resting place of Les Paul.

However, it still has to go before city boards for government approvals.The mission of the project is to raise funds to better the lives of those served by local non-profit organizations, including music and art programs within the Waukesha schools, Habitat for Humanity and The Food Pantry of Waukesha County.Events to occur include a private reception, musicians and celebrities, and the opening of Downtown Waukesha’s annual Friday Night Live summer music festival.The other Gibson Guitar Town cities are: ● Sunset Strip (Hollywood) ● Austin ● Cleveland ● Nashville ● Miami ● London ● Orlando ********************************************************************** THE EVENT! Opening ceremony for Waukesha Gibson Guitar Town – unveiling of 10 ft guitars and 17 playable guitars will be on display at their final locations in downtown Waukesha. Les Paul Trio to play on the big main stage set up in downtown Waukesha – p.m. * On May 31st, Waukesha Gibson Guitar Town will hold a private gala to unveil the completed guitars to Gibson Corporation, sponsors and community supporters. 27, 2012Waukesha– Thirty artists from southeastern Wisconsin who will turn 10 replica and 20 regular Gibson Les Paul guitars into works of art as part of the Waukesha Guitar Town Project were announced Monday afternoon at a downtown reception.June 1 – 2: Les Paul Birthday Celebration & Guitar Town Public Festivities Completed artistically designed guitars will be shared with the public during a series of events held June 1 – 2. Bob Jacobson, author of Les Paul Guitar Wizard, to sign books at Martha Merrell’s Books/Cuddles p.m. Bob Jacobson, author of Les Paul Guitar Wizard to be at the Waukesha County Museum booth at the Waukesha Farmer’s Market signing and discuss his book. Rusty Paul son of Les Paul will be at Les Paul memorial site at Prairie Home Cemetery to share memories and answer questions about his father. Live music in downtown Waukesha; guided tour with artists. This event will be held at the Rotunda in historic downtown Waukesha from – p.m. The artists were selected by members of the project steering committee based on tentative plans. Artists chosen for the large sculptures are: Retired Carroll University art professor and sculptor Willis Guthrie, his son Jim and grandson Ryan; Racine sculptor of metal fantasy pieces Bill Reid; Waukesha portrait artist Chuck Weber; Waukesha painter noted for portraits of rock and blues musicians Tom Noll; mural artist Ben Stark of Milwaukee; Waukesha water colorist Marcia Schneider; retired art teacher, sculptor and pop art painter Ramona Audley of Oconomowoc; Jennifer Espenscheid, a Milwaukee artist who does murals, portraits, illustrations and abstracts; Waukesha artist specializing in plaster paintings Jeff Seymour; and Milwaukee graphics designer and painter Gene Evans.All the different people who picked up the phone when we would call in with questions were super nice and helpful.


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