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Honestly found myself laughing so hard a few times that I had proper tears in my eyes and even my husband came to check on me to ask what I was reading and what was so funny. With No Breaks and I found it so enjoyable I knew I would love this. I fell in love with Jamie, it was so refreshing to also read the unfolding love story from his point of view.Too many books are solely from the woman's point of view, this made for a nice change to see he was not afraid of the feelings he was having and in fact embraced them (long story short, it was good to see the man do a little of the chasing for once...)I have already purchased Love...

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I guess it would be described as an airport trash book.

I grabbed this book because it was cheap on Amazon.

Laura and Jamie are perfect and would certainly grace any romance. This is not a girly book, not even a "chic lit" type book.

And just like any good story, the ending is a it.... It is funny and warm and crude and so worth reading!

Along with fingerless baseball gloves this style is considered the pinnacle of early gloves with less then 5 known. Well used glove retains tipped leather finger pads and portions of its original crescent pad heel.

Asbestos lining The two baseball gloves above are exceedingly rare and historically significant baseball artifacts relating to the evolution of the baseball glove circa 1890 fingerless baseball glove with its matching full-fingered glove model.

In 1871, Spalding joined the Boston Red Stockings (precursor club to the modern Atlanta Braves) and was highly successful; winning 205 games (and losing only 53) as a pitcher and batting .323 as a hitter.

After the NA folded, he joined the Chicago White Stockings of the newly formed National League in 1876, winning 47 games as the club captured the league's inaugural pennant. Retired from the game, he and his brother opened a sporting goods store in Chicago, obtaining the rights to produce the official National League ball.

And Sleepless Nights and plan on starting it right away. For the first few chapter the 'laugh out loud' tag line was spot on.


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