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Barbara Jean followed him out into the parking lot, where the couple got into another fight.

Around AM, witnesses reported seeing her boyfriend speed off in his green Volvo, leaving Barbara Jean alone in the parking lot.

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In 2012, homicides made up less than 1 percent of Canada’s violent crimes.

Canadian Police Services reported 543 homicides in 2012, translating to a homicide rate of about 1.55 per 100,000 people.

A person of interest was sex offender Gary Mc Astocker.

He committed suicide when he found out that police wanted to question him regarding the homicide of another girl, 14-year-old Tina Mc Phee.

As usual, Kelly promised her parents to call once she arrived at her babysitting job.

At PM, the man arrived in what witnesses would later describe as a full-size North American car.

Two days later, her body was discovered in the woods.

She’d been sexually assaulted, severely beaten, and bludgeoned repeatedly on her face and head. DNA samples determined that at least two different men were involved.

Melissa was found murdered on September 16, the previous year.

She was last seen leaving the YMCA, where she worked as a room attendant, planning to hitchhike out of the city to enjoy her two days off.

DNA continues to be collected from possible suspects, polygraphs are still being administered, and evidence is being reexamined.


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