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Derived from the Morris/BMC J4 and JU250 vans of the 1960s, the core vehicle went through a series of developments, the main one being the revision of the forward control layout of the J4 and moving the engine ahead of the cab and accessible via a bonnet.

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The Sherpa gave way to the Freight Rover 200 Series and in turn the Leyland DAF 200 Series before finally becoming the Pilot after LDV was formed in 1993.

It was originally designed to be built on car production lines which led to it having a narrow track.

A year later the name of the model was changed to the Leyland Sherpa.

The Sherpa would then be branded by Morris and later Freight Rover.

In 1981, BL created the Freight Rover division as part of the Land Rover group, so the Sherpa's badges were changed again.

The short lived K2 Sherpa had a neater appearance and much improved side access to the load bay.

The range was redesignated accordingly: vans: 200, 230 and 250; pick ups: 230 and 250; minibus and crewbus: 250 only; chassis cab: 255 only.

A few months later, the Sherpa was rebadged as a Morris.

Loadspace, at 190 cubic feet (5.4 m), was considerably higher than that of the J4 and only just short of the 250JU's.

In 1978 the 1.7 and 2.0 litre O series engines replaced the original 1622 cc and 1798 cc B series petrol units, while the 1798 cc B series diesel stayed put.

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