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The e Services market segment “Food Delivery” contains the user and revenue development of two different delivery service solutions for prepared meals: (1) Online Takeaway and (2) Restaurant Delivery.

Revenue includes the gross merchandise value (GMV) which is defined as total sales dollar value for merchandise/ food sold through the food delivery marketplace.

The “Revenue” box shows the forecasted revenue development of the selected market (market segment, region) in million US dollars for each year.

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Not included are orders by telephone, unpacked food for immediate consumption as well as non-processed or non-prepared food (e.g.

Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the Ph ET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations.

The “User” box shows the number of active paying customers (or accounts) of the selected market (market segment, region) in millions for each year.

The “Penetration Rate” box shows the share of active paying customers (or accounts) from the total population of the selected market (market segment, region) for each year.

“But if you don’t, you’re unlikely to notice it.” Pennsylvania last week granted permits to 27 businesses to open dispensaries throughout the commonwealth.

The state Department of Health on Thursday announced the names of the winners and the locations of 52 proposed storefronts.

“Food Delivery” comprises services which deliver prepared meals and food that was ordered online for direct consumption.

The “Online Takeaway” segment covers the delivery of meals using aggregation portals such as Delivery Hero or Just Eat.

The following Key Market Indicators give an overview of the demographic, economic and technological development of the selected region on the basis of general KPIs.

The calculation of Statista’s Market Outlook is based on a complex market-driver logic including over 400 region-specific data sets.

In Pennsylvania, patients visiting a dispensary won’t smell a thing.

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