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Because they do have an economical embargo since decades.

SO should we feel guilty that OUR government are making possible for these types of “evil” regimes to success?

Adventure travel blogger with ideas and narratives to motivate independent travelers and audacious backpackers. I, for one, will never, ever forget my time there…but I will never grant it ‘amazing’ status.

As a travel blogger you have a difficult time, and people sometimes already have been fed ideas about a particular location. Many things that we think are for tourists, are not, and, we are just taken by US led propaganda to believe in that… of course, the west impose cruel sanctions that affect only the normal people. Plus, sanctions directly affect the population by impoverishing them. Throughout the 1980s, Thatcher’s government backed Iraq during its war against Iran, funneling weapons and equipment to Saddam Hussein in contravention of both international law and British policy, all the way Recently, The Independent reported on UK “blood money”.

Pictures show a glimpse of what you see, and generally as positive people travel bloggers try to show happiness, and hope. other places in the world are the same Cuba and Iran for example… There are other examples in the world that thousands of children die due to lack of medicament and vaccines… You know, …about evil regimes…, we in the West create most of these evil regimes ourselves. £12.3 billion of armed goods were sanctioned by government licenses to countries on the UK’s own list of human rights abusers.

Expat in Morocco – North Africa since 2007, polyglot and proud Lonely Planet Pathfinders blogger. I noticed you had a lot of notes about the “separation wall.” I realize you want to remain non-political so I thought maybe this was tongue-in-cheek… It’s a long-running fabrication of the DPRK that they love showing to tourists. Dear Becki thank you for your comment – I do appreciate the time you took to leave your opinion about this country. Although this blog is not about politics, I’d like to ask you to think about the following 3 historical facts: Is it normal that DPRK regime is military, restricted and army oriented with a crescent concern of being hit with an Atomic Bomb?

I think you did a great job trying to be no political. I mean, from where DPRK regime took the idea of being nuked from? Sanctions are proven not to be effective to regime change, actually the opposite always happens as the country defends itself by being more strict, defensively thought and extremely cautious about the outside world.

Thanks John, I guess the most difficult is to be quiet and not try to defend oneself… Definitely I’ll take your advice in consideration next time. So I cannot really rejoice on the beautiful landscapes or modern buildings, when most of the people don’t have enough to eat. Plus, when we sanction them, regimes get “defensive” mode and create a military regime. These exports are heavily subsidized by UK taxpayers. The UK provides diplomatic and military support to dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

In one report, Management Today describe “peace” as “bad for business”until Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. The UK government has been a close diplomatic, economic and military supporter of Saudi Arabia.Previously it had decreased from 139 in 1960 to 20 in 1989, which was comparable to developed countries. 🙂 The DPRK is absolutely one of the most fascinating and captivating countries I’ve been to.In 1992 it went up to 111.1 In 1999, a decade later, IM was still high at 104.2 The Gulf War and trade sanctions caused a threefold increase in mortality among Iraqi children under 5 years of age. Sorry if my reply to your comment seems harsh, but, I do also have my opinion about somethings… Even though I only got a glimpse of the country as a tourist, I feel the interactions I had with the local guides and visiting the sites still gave me a deeper and more personal understanding of the people and country. Adorei a tua forma de mostrar o país, porque claro que se viajássemos para não gostar das coisas não valia a pena.Because I never travel to dislike or criticize, on this page I will show you 88 images – photos – reasons that made me like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. I’ve just discovered your blog through your post on Lonely Planet, this being the first article I read.Whatever reasons you might have to criticize DPRK, I invite you to indulge yourself to discover one of the least visited countries in the world. It definitely gives some extremely interesting insights about life in North Korea.Such regime and ideology in DPRK for my counts is nothing comparing with our countries in the West.


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