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Don’t use it as a means of attempting to force people to do what you want.This is how you end up chasing them for crumb ‘top-ups’ and being chained to your phone checking for texts and emails.It’s also important to point out that unavailable people respond to loss of control by chasing you…and get back in control by pulling back and managing down your expectations and/or exiting.

As humans, we cannot bumble through life as if our actions have no impact on others – it’s called integrity, empathy, compassion, awareness, responsibility, and accountability. The lesson: If they can’t empathise without you dragging them like a horse to water, you can’t have a relationship with this person.

Let me assure you that if you mistreated them, you’d soon know all about it! NC is the way of communicating that the relationship is over and that their behaviour has affected you, but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to do anything with the realisation.

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When you need to step back from an unhealthy relationship and employ No Contact (NC) after the breakup, irrational fears and beliefs which are used to try to control the uncontrollable but to also prevent you from taking real action, can often provide the trigger for you to either break NC or decide that there’s no point in starting it at all.

I hear from readers who have been going back and forth with an ex from anything from a few months… Variations of the irrational fears and beliefs highlighted below keep them on the disappointment cycle and it’s only once they stop treating the irrational as rational and recognise where they’re opening themselves up to more pain and keeping further away from a healthy relationship, that they can finally stop torturing themselves and take the focus off their ex so that they can use boundaries for self-care and breaking the pattern.

Far too much emphasis is put on finding a way to be friends again. If you’re going to be friends, it will happen without being forced and when you’re both back in neutral territory. If you try to be friends before you are enough of the way along in the healing process to be too impacted if they don’t behave as you’d like, you will reopen your wound.

That said, if there are very shady reasons for why you have to cut them off in the first place, I wouldn’t exactly break your neck to be friends. If you’ve got friendship on your mind, it’s likely a sign that you need to refocus your energy.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك، تمنح عظام الهيكل العظمي شكلاً وثباتًا للجسم.

العظام الكبيرة (مثل: عظام الجمجمة) تستعمل لحماية الأعضاء الداخلية الحيوية.

This ‘ole chestnut is the fastest way to send one of those lazy texts or emails to reach out, only to find yourself being burned again.

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