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The yellow power wire is the high current supply wire.This needs to be connected to your battery using a cable suitable for carrying at least 15 amps. When 12V is connected to this wire the Marine stereo can operate.

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There are 2 power wires and 1 ground wire that needs to be connected for your Fusion Marine stereo to operate correctly.

Both the Red and Yellow wires need to be connected to 12V and the black wire to ground/battery negative.

, including weather radar, current and forecasted marine zones and surface buoys, plus up to 220 expanded audio channels all controlled directly from your multifunction display.

WM-3 operates with the new Sirius XM North America equatorial Satellite System *NSE, NSS Sport and other MFDs work as plug and play, but without new features.

Creating multiple independent audio ‘Zones’, provides an entertainment solution that everyone on board can enjoy - party with loud music on the fly bridge while the girls relax below with quieter music in the saloon.

Control the audio settings for all Zones through the Marine Stereo, or alternatively customise the audio system by installing a Wired Remote Control in each zone of the vessel.You may require an additional amplifier to utilize the line out zone dependant on the number of zones you need.Fusions MS-AM702 is designed specifically for a single zone and is a D class amp so is perfect for Marine vessels .Would you like to turn on Airplane Mode to reduce audio interference?You will not be able to make or receive calls.” when initially docked with any Fusion i Phone compatible product .When disconnected the stereo will shut down and remain off.

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