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Some people have found that eliminating coffee and other acidic and neuro-stimulant foods, beverages, and medications has helped in both decreasing PHN and outbreaks.Other lifestyle modifications, including meditation, guided imagery, yoga, breathing exercises, and moderate aerobic exercise can help.There is some conflicting advice on the effectiveness of suppressive therapy with acyclovir (Zovirax).

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), and 5) Capsaicin’s benefits are cumulative, so it may take up to several weeks to achieve full pain-relieving benefits.

Elavil, as well as certain other tricyclic antidepressant medications, have pain reduction properties that appear to be independent of their antidepressant actions, and have been recommended and used for PHN associated with Shingles.

This kind of chronic HSV-PHN is considered to be rare, although anecdotal evidence suggests that it occurs much more frequently than has been documented.

HSV can also cause a “sciatica syndrome” – pain the sciatic nerve in the back of the thigh.

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Many women have found that PHN intensifies prior to menstruation.

Some people have found a course of suppressive anti-viral medication to be helpful, particularly when accompanied by very frequent or severe outbreaks.

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