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More than 600,000 teachers change schools in the U. every year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.It’s a problem that Richardson says the Department of Education has been desperate to solve for years and has been a focus of education policy. via Peter Kaufman, mastermind of the Intelligent Channel on You Tube.

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They are prompted to outline their teaching beliefs as part of their profiles, and that helps the site match them with schools on the same educational page.

A school pays a subscription fee, allowing it to further explain its mission and needs.

My launched two weeks ago, and so far, 3,500 teachers nationwide have signed up with the education technology start-up out of Kansas City, Mo.

Teachers sign up for free and create an online profile to brand themselves by highlighting their strengths and experience.

But if today's teachers are feeling beleaguered, they can always look back to a set of historical "documents" for a little comfort.

For decades, museums and publishers have showcased two lists -- one from 1872 (above) and another from 1915 (below) -- that highlight the rigorous rules and austere moral codes under which teachers once taught. In women's cases, you couldn't date, marry, or frequent ice cream parlors. You must be home between the hours of 8 PM and 6 AM unless attending a school function. The site will save DC Prep administrators time in the interview process, says school CEO Rick Cruz.The site allows schools to search by experience, specialization and see whether a teacher would be willing to move for a job.“I think it’s a great tool to identify teachers outside of the local region that we might want to bring to our organization.We also think about it as, ‘Gosh is this going to be a tool for us to get poached from,'” Cruz says. Single parents know how hard it can be when it comes to balancing holding down the home with the kids which often leads to less time for you. This dating site focuses on connecting both Asian living abroad and Asians with other races around the world.


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  2. More than 600,000 teachers change schools in the U. every year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

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