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I know there is not a lot to do in the game yet, if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to [email protected] not much to do, work, visit her, sleep, nothing fun to do, no where to take her, and she dosen't even realize when she changes her looks it would be nice, if you could encourage, discourage certain looks, ... I was then able to go back in and give them to her. repetative There's not much to do in the game other than talk to her (and boy, she's really annoying), go to work, shop, and sleep.

This was really nice and well made, it had a lot of potential, and for a started game, it's really good, though it gets boring after a while, since it doesn't have much, so whatever the ending is, you should have made the days shorter. you might want to add places to take her (zoo, restaurant, minigolf, theater) places to go for fun (bar, gym, park, arcade) the girls voice seems a lil robotic at times, but i do like her voice, but she speaks oddly Eh... Spice up the gameplay, allowing you to maybe take her out somewhere, and give her a few more things to say and the game would be better.

The games are all played on the website but may require some download components.

Be sure to have a virus checker installed when playing.

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offers a great deal of entertainment, it is common for players to look for something similar.

What happens if a sim has multiple romantic relationships with two or more other sims?

I have a married sim (girl) who is also in a "budding romance" with a different sim.

I wouldn't want you to copy of of any other sim dating games, but she should say and ask more than about her appearance; a suggestion should be she should tell some things about herself (i.e.

favorite color/food/whatever, maybe something she did today, or yesterday, what book she read, what movie she watched) then have a section where she'd quiz on the player's listening skills, or just random pop quizzes when we click to speak to her.

Final Fantasy Sim Date allows you to play the game online or download it. You choose from four different male avatars and assign points.

The game is a little clunky and download times can inhibit some play.

I mean it's not fun when you can't get caught it's like the sims free play don't have a free will ..

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