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Legs can feel tender and sore – especially after exercising.

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Anyone who’s tried a high protein diet may have noticed that, while you lose weight, your cellulite often looks worse.

This is because carbohydrate encourages fluid retention, and when it’s released, cellulite areas become less plumped making the lumps appear more angular and obvious.

Cellulite affects up to 99% of us in differing stages and forms. A collection of fat and fluid, cellulite manifests in its familiar lumpy way because of the way our fat cells sit.

We all know what it looks like, most of us know what it feels like, and many wonder whether it can be spirited away. It’s more predominant in women because ours lie horizontally; in men they are vertical.

I wanted to create a product that was uplifting in every sense – for your legs and your mind.

• Puffy legs on a flight – always wear your flight socks, and put them on before you leave home.

Lymph only moves when you move so keeping active is key to keeping your legs light and uncongested.

The solution then, if there is one, is to enhance the lymph and blood flow – to be active.

There are, however, a few common denominators: your sex, your genes and your lymph.

If you are prone to cellulite, thank your parents – especially your mother!

I think legs have had a poor deal in the beauty world up till recently.


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