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LW: i am trying to find the wonderful anthony wiener who i feel in love with for yelling at those damn repubs the other day!

if this wacko wins my state i swear i will have to move! when r you coming to vegas to help me beat up the right wing crazies?

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Natalie Portman finds out (this is all within the same 10 minutes, btw), and she’s kind of bummed so Julia Roberts takes a picture of her crying. Later, Jude Law goes into a hilarious sex chat room called, like, London Super Sex Chat Internet, and pretends to be a woman (why? It is a justification to the people who cheat, as in “we are all human and therefore your miserable and disrespectful behavior can be chalked up to the silly quirks of our natures,” and it is also a justification to the people who want to wallow in the personal misery of what was done to them.

Love triangle dramas are basically stoner comedies.

it won't go away, and now I'm taking pics of it, making me ha**er still." May 31st 2011 omg! so sorry u got hacked…i know u would never do anything like have fb sex or take pics of your c***…who is the b***** who ratted u out?

, and it pretends to have cultural relevance in New York and Chicago, but for the most part it is very, very dead. For one, it can’t really entertain us the way that movies and television and XBOX 360s and IMAX can, in terms of sheer spectacle. Basically, Clive Owen makes Julia Roberts fuck him in exchange for signing the divorce papers, and that somehow makes Julia Roberts leave Jude Law to go back to Clive Owen, and in the meantime Clive Owen also fucked Natalie Portman, I guess, but now Jude Law is back with Natlie Portman, and they are going to go on vacation, but he’s like “did you fuck Clive Owen?

aawww you left me naked and unsatisfied in front of my computer…are such a tease! February 2, 2011 LW: where are you you hot congressman?

soooo wanted to drunk dial you last night….i had your number!

Moreover, in terms of the communication of art, its attempt to reach out and create connections between fellow human beings: a) no one really wants that anymore for the most part (see: ), and b) theater is often too stilted, too elitist (perceived or real), and too contrived. ” and basically not only are they not going on vacation anymore, but Natalie Portman stops loving him immediately, and she leaves London but her name was never Alice anyway, it was secretly Jane, and Clive Owen and Julia Roberts read at night before they go to sleep, and Jude Law is a lonely dumb-dumb.


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