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However, I probably did look like I zoned out once or twice.But it had less to do with Hayden and more due to my own ADD, my memories of the previous few days, fine tuning my schedule for the next two and going over the story ideas rattling in my head."Hey, you'd spend that much for Alison Brie, or Emma Stone, or one of your celebrity girls! " I rolled my eyes, since I wasn't debating her....drool-worthy capabilities.

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Instead I needled him with, "You realize you probably won't get her to fuck you just by taking a picture, right?

That only happens in smut fics." "This isn't about you and your smut fics, okay? "Just being near her should be enough to get me going.

I felt like a parent who went to his child's favorite non Disney/Pixar movie to pacify him, even though I would get less out of it than he would.

Yet maybe that wasn't entirely fair to all of Dreamworks animated films -- and it probably wasn't fair to Hayden either.

Technically he already had $100, but he needed $75 more for his own ticket and suggested I spend $175 for my own. "You're really gonna make us both spend that much just to meet her?

" I asked like I didn't already know what the answer was. You're dumb enough not to drool over her too, but don't take that out on me!

It was good for four days, yet Joel was only interested in one day.

On Saturday, June 2, Hayden Panettiere of 'Heroes' fame would be appearing at the Comic Con, and Joel wanted the special VIP Experience tickets to see her that day.

With that, I decided to double check as I got to her booth and held out my photo.

"I hope my friend wasn't any trouble," I said to Hayden while pointing over at Joel -- who thankfully didn't notice. " I corrected, hoping I didn't just screw Joel over.

Nevertheless, I didn't draw attention to myself, laughed and applauded at the right places, and cheered at the end while Joel drowned me out.

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