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The Code should be used as the principal guide in assessing the nature and gravity of the conduct alleged to constitute sexual harassment.

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His area of interest is addiction and intimacy disorders, specialising in sex and love addiction .

Like many other people, I am the product of a workplace relationship.

She studied at the University of Pretoria and graduated cum laude for both her BCom (Law) and LLB degrees.

Kirsten also obtained a post-graduate diploma in labour law from the University of South Africa.

Many people who suffer from this addiction often report that active sex addiction is akin to leading a double life.

On the one hand a seemingly devoted family man, and on the other – powerless to the secret life of obsessive-compulsive sexual acting out.

The fact that the complainant showed signals of discomfort shows that the conduct is unwelcome”.

The LC stated that, despite the code indicating that a complaint of sexual harassment should be reported ‘immediately’, reporting the incident ‘as soon as is reasonably possible in the circumstance’ will suffice.

Office flirting has become decidedly tricky these days, though.

How would you signal that you are amenable to getting to know someone better without saying something that might be construed as inappropriate?

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