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That commute took 80 minutes each way; by mid-October, it had taken its toll.

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I offered up my services as a national expert on addiction and recovery issues and told them that I was an Army veteran.

I was told that the Army almost never employed outside trainers.

You can move in immediately.” He moved in within the next couple of days and the other students, despite being, on average, over a decade younger than him, took to him. In December, I had him speak before the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

After he told his story, Council members asked him a number of questions.

And with Creative Lab, our internal creative agency, we can develop interactive concepts from scratch that will work best for your brand.

CRIS Rural Mass Transit District provides a a wide range of services to residents of Vermilion Countiy which helps to promote healthy aging for older adults.

The real value in interactive installations, and what sets it apart from all other channels, is one key element. We are constantly being bombarded with media, from 7 second Vines, Youtube videos to binging on Netflix boxsets.

Sometimes we just don’t really have the headspace to take in any more content.

When we come across branded content as opposed to entertainment, our reaction can be; “somebody is trying to sell me something, I’m out of here”.

So it’s very self assured and confident when a brand says, “I’m not selling you anything, but it you are interested in our brand, and want to know more, come here, and find out for yourself.” The viewer is not on the defensive anymore, it engages their more inquisitive nature and can be more open to learning and engaging.

Normally, I would interview students two to four times and spend 30 to 60 minutes with them each time before deciding whether or not to accept them into the Rutgers Recovery House.


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