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Every morning I leave Phibsboro at 5.45 to walk to D4 to my absolute shock and horror I can not believe or understand why we have so many homeless people sleeping in doorways and on the streets when a country that presently is again going through boom times.

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We miss George Hook and will most certainly not support the station until he is reinstated.

Do show some backbone Newstalk - REINSTATE GEORGE HOOK! Yes agree George says it as it is Newstalk is much more relevant with his imput along with Ivan Yeats. Don't listen any more in the morning & evening only RTE1 and Today FM.

Dump all those do gooders like Fintan O Toole What Hook said makes sense to me.

Surely everybody has a duty to add to their own security and take precautions regarding their own safety.

Nobody said at any point that it was the victims fault, but the simple fact is that there are nasty people out there in the big bad world and we should all be wary for our own good.

The bleeding hearts and artists would love to live in a lovey dovey world, but it doesn't exist, unfortunately.

We listened to the programme and it was evident to us that George Hook was simply stating the facts as they exist and most certainly did not condone the rape in any way.

George Hook is one of the most formidable journalists on air, a decent and a good man, with a high intellect and one who brightens up our day.

Join the #Newstalk conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at Newstalk FM t's just like the cigarettes - they got rid of 10 packs "for the benefit of Health" so people who were limiting their smoking had to buy 20's and ended up smoking more!!

They'll still buy the beer and probably spend less on good food!

We are living in the times of greed and without God, today I'm ashamed to be Irish.madness i am renting privately 5 years and i can't get mortgage I'm carer i do not get rent supplement nothing and i am on housing list with my dependent son this just mad if people borrowed and now can't pay the house you loose it simple not fair the y get to stay in dream homes I am disgusted that a totally fair comment/observation spoken by George Hooke recently has been hijacked by the feminist sisterhood and used to bully an excellent presenter off the air.


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