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A number of deadlines have already been missed to restore multi-party devolved government in Northern Ireland and Mr Adams said: “The DUP are showing no urgency or no real inclination to deal with the rights-based issues which are the crux and the heart of these difficulties which we are talking here about.” In particular, he said those included demands for marriage equality, an Irish Language Act, a Bill of Rights, and dealing with the aftermath of decades of past violence.The Government has extended talks until Monday, despite Stormont parties missing a deadline for Thursday. and we told them this directly, how a deal can be put together by then,” Mr Adams said.Thank goodness that kind of attitude doesn’t happen often now so this current ban is comparable to those old sectarian attitudes.” Gay rights activists, trade unionists and civil servants turned out for a procession to Belfast’s City Hall, waving rainbow flags and banners in support of same-sex marriage.

“I hope the next time round that the Holy Spirit will descend upon them and we will see that it is fair, that it functions well in every other part of the UK. ” Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams also attended the protest.

He said he does not expect a deal to restore power-sharing and cross-community government in Northern Ireland to be reached by Monday.

Rev Hudson said some ministers were strongly in favour of equal marriage – and that the current status quo prevented him from marrying a same-sex couple.

He appealed to the DUP not to block any bid to legalise it.

Last year, human rights group Amnesty International announced support for decriminalisation.

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