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As a new mother, Letrinko said, she gets nervous when she walks alone with baby Harper.But at Norristown Farm Park, she said, there was only one time she felt unsafe. Letrinko called him after a man approached her on the trail, asking questions about where the baby’s father was, Paolucci said.

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Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele will lead the prosecution. O'Neill, who presided over the first trial, will serve as judge again for the retrial.

Although more than 40 women have accused Cosby of some kind of sexual assault, Constand's case was the first to be brought this far along in the justice system.

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Defence Minister Quentin Davies submitted an invoice for more than £20,000 to repair the bell tower and a lead gutter at his country home, but after the expenses scandal broke last May, he told Commons officials he never meant to claim for the tower.

Most of his other accusers allege incidents that occurred in decades past, long enough ago that the statute of limitations has passed, meaning they cannot prosecute.

A ,000 reward was announced Wednesday afternoon for information leading Montgomery County investigators to identify and arrest the man who sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint Tuesday morning at a popular Norristown park.

It was not immediately clear when exactly the last sexual assault of this nature occurred in the area, but Delano said that such random attacks were “extremely rare.” Norristown Farm Park is so large, Delano said, that it falls under the jurisdictions of West Norriton police, East Norriton police, and Pennsylvania State Police, which makes gathering statistics on other types of incidents there difficult. A few people walked dogs, biked, or listened to music on headphones as they jogged the trail, part of which surrounds a dense cornfield.


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