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Despite a difference in communication, men and women can speak the same language, if they try.

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It was a dream come true to work with musicians on original music and songs.

For Night Terrors of 1927, it inspires a whole different type of excitement—one that includes heavy-duty body modification.

One that came to mind, after speaking with my friend Amy, is that I could be an inter-species translator.

This contradiction would have bothered me in most cases if she had been someone who—bingo!

” As a male commitment-phobe, it was magic to my ears.

Why is she so actively involved if she doesn’t want to take things too seriously and go slow?

However, when Charlie falls for Cam (Jessica Alba), he realizes if he sleeps with her, he’ll lose her.

Right away when I read the script I started to think about the sound of the film, what kind of songs would fit where.

I have a kinky side and need someone open enough to explore new ideas with me.

I need someone just as active as me and can keep up.

If you are a single adult who doesn't believe that meeting your soul mate is as easy as logging online and locating them on the web, then we will prove you wrong!


  1. Ashanti kept her 10-year relationship with rapper Nelly close to the vest while they dated, but the same can't be said post-split.

  2. He Was Lucky That This Woman Was There to Save Him (Funny) A man is at a restaurant with his son when he begins to choke on three nickels that he was given to play with. Hilarious: Either Which Way, You're Screwed Pal When a man visits a lab to pick up his wife's test results, he thought it would be something straightforward.

  3. ), Wes Mappin (Invaluable lyric editor), Luke Gilfeather, Jan Yrlund, Floyd Carinci, The Clawhammer PR crew, Onyx, Olivia, Orchid.

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