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It is the first step toward empathy and understanding.Yet, not all of us remember that we, like the people we're arguing with, are sacks of meat and mucous navigating the world as best as we can.Jacques Lacan had a theory for that moment when we realize a world exists outside of ourselves: it's called the "mirror stage," and it is an essential part of our psychological development.

They connect, intertwine, and sometimes contradict themselves while, at the same time, justifying who we are, what we do, and how we approach the world. Instead of defending your position, instead of writing off someone who thinks differently than you (exception: Nazis, fuck those people) think about their three "E"s and how they differ from yours. But try to see the scaffolding behind their argument. See them as you would see yourself in the mirror, an individual with a limited experience of the world.

Capturing a selfie with a famous face is a modern day way to savour the memory.

The Royal marquees contain the competitions in vegetables, fruit, flowers and floral art, with the entries grown by local residents.

The couple's appearance today comes after Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall announced that they will attend the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast next year.

This is where most frustration begins, not in someone thinking differently than you, but in the fact that you can't understand why they think that way in the first place.

Think about politically-charged conversations you've had (some may have happened over Thanksgiving dinner) and think about venting sessions with your friends or coworkers.

Amidst all the ranting and raving and finger pointing, the fundamental question going through your mind is, "Why don't you think like I do? We are encapsulated, autonomous beings roving around the planet in our own little shells.

It is difficult to imagine the world outside of our own perception.

Many of the region’s leading nurseries and horticultural specialists exhibit.

In addition to these displays the show features display gardens by leading designers, around 200 trade stands (both horticultural and general), a craft marquee, main arena events, children's entertainment and a military band.

The Prince last visited Queensland in 2012, and the royal couple also made a stop Down Under in 2015.

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