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  1. Although the rank insignia of the RAAF rank of flight sergeant (Flt Sgt) and the Australian Army rank of staff sergeant (SSgt) are identical, flight sergeant in fact outranks the rank of staff sergeant in the classification of rank equivalencies.

  2. The English word "wine" comes from the Proto-Germanic *winam, an early borrowing from the Latin vinum, "wine" or "(grape) vine", itself derived from the Proto-Indo-European stem *win-o- (cf. Ultimate Indo-European origin of the word is the subject of continued debate.

  3. Do you remember what dating was like before you had kids?

  4. Compared to most of their competition, they are years ahead if we look at the amount of online models, models’ gallery quality and most importantly the site’s speed and that of their live video feeds.

  5. " Vasool Raja: The film will have actors like Navadeep, Sri Hari, Ritu Barmecha, Brahmanandam, Satyam Rajesh, Dandapani in very prominent roles.

  6. There may be a variety of reasons, but the user only knows that the application is offline.

  7. Armed troops in black uniforms pour out of unmarked vans and swarm across a lawn in a middle class residential neighborhood. Two of the troops carry a battering ram to the front door of a white two-storey house. In position, their comrades point M-16s into first-floor windows, ready to be ambushed. An attractive woman in her thirties is making breakfast.

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