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CBU Bermaksud Completely Built-Up atau lebih senang di fahami, jentera atau barang yang datang ke Malaysia, sepenuhnya di Import dan telah siap dipasang di negara pengeluar jentera atau barang tersebut.

Kemudian bila sampai Malaysia, mereka terus jual dekat korang.

Yet during this period, crocodiles have less appetite.

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Kebiasaannya, orang lebih suka membeli barang atau jentera jenis CBU, maklumlah barang import.

Walaupun harganya agak mahal, tapi kerana kualitinya yang lebih diyakini kerana di pasang di negara pengeluar itu sendiri, ia menjadi permintaan No. Berbanding barang atau jentera jenis CKD, hanya menjadi pilihan kedua kerana kelemahan terutamanya dari segi kualiti.

Kebiasaannya, cukai bagi jentera atau barang jenis CBU ini lebih tinggi dari jenis CKD.

Ini disebabkan, mereka mahu membuat keseimbangan akibat kerugian kutipan cukai akibat dari pemasangan dari negara pengeluar.

From the pictures I’ve seen, his body is still intact, his arms and legs are still there.” Indonesian waters are home to several species of crocodile and deaths by crocodiles are not uncommon.

Hellen Kurniati, a researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), told Indonesian website Coconuts there had been an increase in the number of crocodile attacks in the country because it was the animals' mating season, which meant the reptiles were more protective of their territory.

The ministry was then told that the Penang government would only submit the studies “either at the end of last year or early this year”.

“As it was the end of the first quarter and past the deadline stated by Lim, it is well within our right to ask for an update,” he said in a statement yesterday.

We are aware that large-scale reclamation has started on the island and has progressed at a good pace since a year ago.


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