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Unfortunately, without us checking every shop every day, there’s not a lot we can do about it.

(And thanks to all of you out there who I know fight back to make sure we get a decent selling spot).

Yes, we are – along with 20-odd local newspapers and several magazines like the Scottish Farmer. We have access to the same photographers, and we use the same sports writers.

The other papers have no influence over us, and we’ve got no influence over them. Decisions are made for each title based on the performance of each newspaper, and The Herald will sink or swim based on its own performance.

This can lead to the newspaper occasionally being unavailable.

We had a brilliant first six months to the year – our circulation was up on the previous 12 months, which is pretty much unheard of in newspapers.First, The National – unlike most other papers – is a pan-Scottish title that doesn’t have a natural geographic base (for example, like The Herald has in Glasgow or the Scotsman in Edinburgh).We’ve got to be in all 4500-odd shops, which means we need to spread ourselves thinly to make sure there are enough copies in every outlet.If there are a large number of copies left unsold, the shop’s allocation is cut.It is an automated system (it would be impossible to manually control the number of copies going into to 4500 shops on a daily basis).The fact that we are part of a big media company allows us to benefit from shared resources, like a printing plant, photographers, a circulation department, an advertising sales team – all of which an independent newspaper would have to pay a premium to use.

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