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Configure these tabs so that the attribute indicates the purpose of each method whether it is for selecting, inserting, updating, or deleting and whether or not it's the default value.

If you omitted these attributes when creating your BLL classes, you'll need to manually select the methods from the UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE tabs. These values can also be set programmatically as needed, as we'll discuss in a future tutorial.

• Second runner-up: Chavohua, created by a team of three young persons from Mexico.• Winning high school: the Don Bosco Public Religious School of La Tola, Quito (Ecuador).• Additional Finalist: Although the contest had planned to award this prize to one single winner in this category, it was decided that an additional finalist would be awarded the prize: the San Juan Bosco Salesian High School of Tuluá (Colombia), for their Green App.

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If the user tries to add it using All Apps page by pressing Ctrl Tab keys, it doesn't show in the list as shown in following screenshot: It becomes quite irritating and there is no way to add the Desktop tile back to Start Screen.

The reason behind this strange problem is unknown but I have seen this problem in a few computers.

If you removed a shortcut accidentally or if you want to restore a removed shortcut, you can go to this "All Apps" page and can pin or add the shortcut again to Start Screen as mentioned in point 2 of this guide.

But sometimes Windows 8 users face a strange problem.

In fact I have received few emails from Ask VG readers regarding this annoying problem. Actually Desktop tile shown at Start Screen is a special type of shortcut which is present in "Programs" folder and if the shortcut gets deleted from the folder, it also disappears from Start Screen and you'll not find it in "All Apps" page as well.

It might be possible that some 3rd party software removed the tile or may be temporary files cleaning software such as CCleaner removed the shortcut? To restore Desktop tile at Start Screen, you just need to copy Desktop shortcut in "Programs" folder again and it'll reappear at Start Screen. As soon as you copy the shortcut, Desktop tile will be re-added automatically to Start Screen.

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