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where yakumo is sick and pyotr the giraffe asks harima's help to save yakumo.... t=1237695104As I recall it never happened in the manga. Likewise, how and why is the Kids Meal Faction called as it is? Also, for the full enjoyment of the manga, are there critical chapters in the manga that was omitted in the anime that should be read prior to continuing the story? my guess was wrong x D so far for now I've found chapter170, that's when they are landing in Kyoto (what should have been a trip to england)@gambino009: oh yeah, i remember that scene during the school sports festival. yeah, there's so much Flag scenes in the manga, like every 2-3 chapters there's a Flag chapter. There was a sudden time skip which wasn't specified for how long, that whole thing with Shawn wasn't explained, and what the hell is with Harima suddenly being in the US? (havent read SRZ yet, by the way) I dont know tat volume b, but maybe u mean the b chapters?

It's an added scene to balance the 2 major factions in SR. What chapter in the manga did the final episode of the second season correspond to? the b chapters are side things, not related to the main story but for example showing the everydaylife of SR characters SRZ is some kind of a spin-off (well, the first 3 chapters are) and it's 10 chapters on the whole.

I'm confused, in the 1st episode of the Third Term, there was a quick scene where Yakumo confessed to Harima, which I can't remember happening in the mangas. But looking at the Del Ray website..just seems highly unlikely. According to what i've heard: Chapter 12 was out yesterday, and it was announced that the series will end with the next chapter. CIAEg ZNX.jpg:large Ps: I don't know about you guys but i'm soo ******* happy that this happened!! wow, i dont know why but in my mind that scene looks like showed in anime, maybe i just read all the manga and not realize that scene was in there, i feel like watching them instead from reading. How that manga got an anime I don't know, but damn, they could've at least made a season 3. I miss so much SR and his characters...i re-watch all a month ago, and i want to watch again and again but i remember everything then i have to wait. Tenma got her wish (in some form) and ended up with Karasuma.

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In Max's imagination Harima and Eri have a i know that they are just friends at the end but i want to know what happens in the third season in the manga version but before i want to know where are the moments of harima and eri in the manga version at the first and second season hope you understand me :) PS: can im read at the ende that they have a kid also here: bro i dunno if this forum is still active, i just wanna ask which anime episode when eri mad to tenma so that tenma are waiting outside eri house in the snow? for all you SR fans i always hope that the third semester somehow sometime can be animated, although it will be never happen. Damn though JK had a very cool and cute girl there... SR 4 Ever :')I really hope he makes a new SR so we can get this thread out of RETIREMENT! Its time, we pull this thread into the active part of this forum, again. SR is becoming a memory and i really don't like so :( I want that i can watch SR with the same emotions of the first time i watch this awesome show. Trying to fix his own work, his darling, after ******* her up is a sad story (and ****** up the timeline). Heck, even if they'd just do a Bluray Remaster or something. We need to time travel to prevent the pie-ending from happening.

secondly i wanna ask which episode when eri must go to the toilet but she hold it because takano get sick, suo need to get the remote and tenma need some water, please help, i really apreciate it :)^Neither of those were ever animated. I really hope he makes a new SR so we can get this thread out of RETIREMENT! I agree with you :) Natsu no arashi and ichiro heian = super flop!! Are there already some rumours, what he will do next, except thinking, what he shall do now? EDIT: Btw, im not happy about, that his manga ends like this. The first time was 4 years ago...i can't wait other 4 years -.- Sorry for this, but in this month i feel a lot of things for SR..favourite show. It was necessary but at the sametime a shame (the whole situation). I was just reading some old posts on the WF forums. Thought I'd stop by here to see who's still around.

eri was a buisness woman and yakumo is a manga editer. many other variables There's just one thing i got to know about the whole harima, yakumo, and eri relationship thing. So basically I am asking if some Semester 1 and 2 stuff were skipped in the anime. Is EVERYTHING in the manga shown in the anime (aside from the skipped stuff the OVA skimmed through)? To have the complete SR experience, read the manga. They skipped Tenma alone at home (drumming on her bowl XDD) and how they're seen coming to school together - which started the whole gossip about them anyway.

I don't think that he picked eri or yakumo then because in a earlier school rumble z manga that might take place after they got out of school eri and yakumo were still fighting over harima. because I have the first volume of the manga and I just prefer the anime more. But they didn't only cut a lot of 'big' scenes, they also left out of a lot of little scenes a SR fanatic treasures, e.g. Too late though, i already watched all of SR a few years ago. Yeah, I really didn't like it, but I guess it wasn't so bad it was disappointing. Don't spoil me but does the manga have the same ending as the anime?

I find it funny that a japanese teen can all of a sudden decide to leave Japan to the US.. The parents don't seem to mind XDhas anyone here notice that the tsukamoto sisters have special powers?? Hi, I saw anime season 1 and 2, and I wanted to know if there's no more hope to wait for a season 3 without seeing the last 2 OAV. which points back to Harima giving Eri his Jersey so she wouldn't be cold (or something). Though I must say the endings from all three (anime, SR manga, and SRZ) where pretty much lame, the material that came before the untimely ending was great...

the only powers most really care about is the dumb powers such as Imadori's D-cup sensor speaking of parents.. Flag is referred to from a Dating Simulating game where a girl is difficult to date because you must answer carefully or take the right action.. but he did it anyways, and it made a huge impact on Eri. Seriously, stop watching the anime and read the manga already.

If you have problems finding some volumes and don't have a trusted manga shop, look at amazon :3. :lol:^ It's pretty much fast forward to the future, but that is Max's vision so of the future so we dunno if it's real or not.

Manga is free of shipping too after a question about the third "season" of school rumble... Does anyone know the name of the song/music at in episode 9 of the first season? Some say it's only done by Jin Kobayashi because of Flag Faction being popular.

Seeing, how far the animation went, i doubt a full third season would be enough to fill the gap. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not gonna work out.

With a fourth season, it would be possible to set up on the ending(chapter 281) of the manga. JK is only following his own decisions, unfortunately. This is the best news I've had in years regarding school rumble. SR 4 Ever :') Some days I wonder if Kobayashi thinks back on school rumble maybe making a sequel etc.

eri was a buisness woman and yakumo is a manga editer. The voice acting and motions add a whole new dimension to it. Mikoto getting her 'first kiss' x D And of course all the stuff post 2nd season, including the class trip, bitch slaps, engagements and confessions. And chapter 281 isn't part of school rumble Z is it?


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