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Based on the findings of 2016 Census, more than 1.3 million people have migrated to Australia during the past five years and nearly 4.87 million people speak a language other than English at home.

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SBS determined when and how the language services would be delivered – e.g.

The revised services will soon include seven new languages, including six 'high needs' languages and one 'large' language, supporting new communities who need news and information in their language as they navigate life in Australia.

The new languages are: All content in the new languages will be available digitally via on demand audio podcasts accessible via the SBS website and SBS Radio app to meet the needs of those audiences.

Additionally, there will be more content available online and via the SBS Radio app for the growing language communities who speak Punjabi, Tamil, French, Urdu, Indonesian, Sinhalese, Nepali, Persian, Japanese, Thai, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Dari, Russian, Portuguese, Assyrian and Samoan.

These languages are Kannada, Tongan, Norwegian, Cook Island Maori, Fijian, Swedish and the African program (in English) and the following languages that have been in recess for the last 12 to 18 months including Lithuanian, Malay, Latvian, Danish and Maori.

SBS World News Radio (English programming) has been realigned to better meet audience needs for more news and information, more often.

There will also be a new weekend format, with more music and entertainment content for many of the largest communities including Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, Greek, Filipino, Hindi and Spanish.

Based on the final Selection Criteria for the SBS Radio Services Review and as Australia’s multicultural communities evolve, 12 languages have been discontinued as they do not meet the Selection Criteria.

via AM/FM, digital radio, digital television, online and/or podcast.

The Census 2016 data was applied to the final Selection Criteria, determining which languages would be serviced by SBS Radio from 20 November 2017.

Monthly updates check weekly and notify you within 30 days that an update is available, however, if an update is considered critical you are notified within a week of its release.

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