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You do not net to shutdown your SAP R3 nor Oracle DB to do this. Additional information you need to supply such as datafile size, increment size, etc. If your PSAP[SID] tablespace size is reaching 95% level, you should consider increasing its size.

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From DBACOCKPIT screen you can go to ST04 screen, DB02 screen, DB13 screen, and etc.

DBACOCKPIT is new tcode but actually old ones since it actually only summarize some tcode and gather them on one screen. Tablespace name must have prefix PSAPIDS (for my IDES box). Here, I named it PSAPIDS_REORG (Coz I want to use it later for reorganization purpose).

and write down MSEG on Object Name field like this. Type this command : brspace -f tbreorg -t MSEG -m PSAPIDS_REORG This command will reorg MSEG table and move it to PSAPIDS_REORG table. Now, you can see that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG. For your safety, use it on offline mode (no user access SAP server). Now I want to show step by step adding new tablespace.

Confirmation required to start reorganization process.

Almost routinely, developments and upgrades are tested before they are released. There are two ways of copying production data into the quality system to meet the business requirements: There are available tools like SAP’s TDMS which has several benefits, but also has some added overheads – additional hardware requirements, complex installation and cost!

Platforms and DBMS of a business suite is the same for non-production and production system - so this is used by majority of installations.It is offered as a subscription service included FREE in our monitoring, or for separate purchase.If interested, please Submit an Inquiry or visit the SID-Refresh Solution Page for further details on cost, and user guide.The production system contains both ‘business data’ and ‘technical data’ (i.e. So the challenge of this solution is to ensure that after the system refresh, the quality system still contain pre-refresh information to ensure that it is fully functional (e.g.RFC configuration, transport systems) and does not create any integrity issue.Our top download of all time has been the SID-Refresh tool for SAP ABAP Post-copy Automation (PCA), replacing the need for SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager (SAP LVM), a chargeable tool from SAP.


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