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She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her for long.

She talked of little else and Tony knew he had to make a plan.

Amy’s last gangbang had lasted for four hours and had involved nearly 20 of Tony’s friends, but that was not enough for her, she wanted more, a lot more.

Tony knew Amy was an exhibitionist but he had not seen her do anything like this before.

The thought of watching all these strangers fuck Amy was turning him on. “Can you see me shove this thing in my tight pussy? Imagine sticking your big hard cocks into this little pussy.

It had been two weeks since Amy’s first gangbang, and she was already desperate for another.

Her boyfriend Tony simply could not keep up with her sexual desire.Most of them were big muscled guys and Amy could not believe her luck. Amy drank down several shots in one go, and as she did music started playing.The boys wanted a show and Amy was determined to make it a good one.As the big day approached Amy was feverish with excitement, she knew Tony had a plan, but had no idea of what was in store for her.She begged Tony to tell her what was going to happen, but he would just smile and say “Don’t you worry baby, I think your gonna love what I’ve got for you.” It was a Saturday evening and exactly 3 weeks since Amy’s first gangbang. Mike had told him to be there at 7 pm and they arrived exactly on time.Within a few strokes Amy was moaning with pleasure.

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