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These occur at the four points along the coast where spurs from the Truong Son Mountain Range spread eastwards to the sea. Continue reading Lying in the calm, warm waters of Van Phong Bay, just an hour north of Nha Trang, Diep Son is a mini-archipelago of small green islands.At low tide, a curving sandbar is exposed, linking three of the islets via a ‘sand bridge’….But this is about porn and soft porn just doesn’t cut it.

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Together they illustrate the rich diversity of Vietnam as a travel & food destination…

Continue reading Historically, four great passes have divided what is now Vietnam.

Ride it in a day or linger for a week soaking up all it has to offer…

Continue reading To celebrate this modest milestone, I’ve compiled two video libraries: The 5 most-viewed videos on my channel, and my 5 personal favourite videos on my channel.

A small crescent of toast-gold sand lined with coconut palms & casuarina trees, Bãi Rạng Beach is squeezed between two rocky bluffs, 15km south of Quy Nhon.

It’s still a local, working beach & remains undeveloped….

It’s a great inland escape for city-dwellers with their own wheels….

Continue reading Two wooden junks floating on the milk tea-coloured waters of the Kenh Te Canal in District 7, The Boat Cafe is one of those special places in Saigon that offer respite from the noise & chaos of the city without actually leaving it…

Continue reading Putting your motorbike on the train is a very convenient option for road-trippers in Vietnam, allowing you to start or end your journey pretty much anywhere along the coast between Saigon & Hanoi.

These days, it’s a fairly easy & efficient process…

Continue reading Hải Đăng is a simple, local, informal vegetarian restaurant in Saigon’s Binh Thanh District.

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