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Take advantage of every opportunity the University offers you. Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) What made you want to become a Student Representative?Apply for scholarships, go on exchange or a study tour, join a club or seek out volunteering opportunities. To be a voice for the students and to be a student rep that reflects different groups in Uni SA (e.g. Besides being part of the committee that supports the students and seeks to improve their uni life, I wanted to be an example for other students to apply for these roles, to go out of their comfort zones, to seek to improve their skills which will in the long run help them to help others and most importantly to not be afraid of failure and instead see such opportunities as experiences.Be critical of the world around you, always be ready to question and critique. ​ The Flying Fig on Jeffcott Street does some pretty sweet coffee and has rad vibes. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in Cognitive Neuroscience What made you want to become a Student Representative?

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I wanted to improve the level of student consultation and representation at the university.

What do you aim to achieve for Uni SA students in 2017?

I want to see the university engaging students more in what happens at the university about their education; with a clear process for real consultation, not just tick-box student consultation, where the student voice is heard and has a tangible influence at the university.

What's your best piece of advice for your fellow students?

When I first became Magill Representative in 2015, my school and degree had been through a lot of cuts and restructures, without any say from the student cohort in what was happening.

Rather than being consulted about the changes, we were simply told that they were happening.

I want to give more support to international students, in particular, to provide students adequate understanding and knowledge to live and study in Australia.

What's your best piece of advice for your fellow students? Medical Radiation What made you want to become a Student Representative?

Any issues put forth by the students will be dealt effectively and efficiently. Since starting at Uni SA in 2014, I have been able to see the really positive environment that we have here at Uni SA.

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