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Is this a limitation of creating the grid dynamically? I'm having the same issue that the original poster is having, but this trick isn't working for me.

I've tried every method I can find to get the new value for a control, and it's continually coming back as the old method.

Thanks, Nick Hi Nick I had the IDE as VS2005 earlier, but it is actually 2008, the error I'm getting might have something to do with that.

rowupdating new value-40

This happens only with inline editing, with the edit form the cancel button makes all the grid lines disappear, so the Enable Rows Cache = false seems to cause all kinds of other bugs depending on the edit settings.

I've added a sample project to demonstrate the problem I have. If I move the databinding code to Page_Load, it still gives exactly the same bug so that is not the problem.

Even with these changes the problem does not arise and all is ok.

If you then set Enable Callbacks=false on the grid, you will see that the problem occurrs.

My actual application is designed to only retrieve the datasource on Page_Loadcomplete, so I can't move it, but the problem is still not resolved anyway.

I think it's an internal bug that you guys should have a look at, because to my understanding New Values in Row Inserting should contain all new values that were inserted into the row including ones inserted internally in invisible columns.

You will see that the text value is shown on the label and not the underlying value. Value Field to name, Grid View Data Combo Box Column. Value Type to string, to get combo value which is text.

If you change the selection in the combo then the correct underlying value is shown but if you just click edit and then immediately click update the problem arises. In your project the Grid View Data Combo Box Column. To overcome this issue, bind the grid to data with a category ID and get a combo value which is Int32. Thanks, Ruslan Disclaimer: The information provided on Dev and its affiliated web properties is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

We'll determine what's wrong and will find a solution.

If it doesn't solve your issue, please send your test project to us.

Would you be able to re-check your suggested solution please and post the project with the fix in so I can see exactly what you have done that I am missing? Hi Ruslan, The code you have posted still has the same problem.

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