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The Liberal party has no particular quota on the number of women who must be selected, basing itself on merit, whereas the outgoing Labor party has a self-imposed policy that aims to preselect women as candidates in a minimum of 40% of seats.

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However just because men and women are different does not mean that one is better than the other, in fact the very existence of humanity depends on these differences.

These differences are what we might call complementary and they are part of the richness and design of humanity.

Men and women are not ‘equal’ in their gifts but both sexes have a multitude of specific gifts and we always remain equal in our dignity as human persons.

The more we focus on false notions of power and equality the less happy and satisfied we will be.

Instead of the female curve, which suggests that 34-year-old women like 34-year-old men, men find 20 year-old women most physically appealing, no matter how old they were. This doesn’t mean that 40 year old men want to MARRY that 20 year old woman, only that they find her the most physically appealing.

To tell men NOT to feel this way would be akin to telling them not to breathe.

When a society fails to understand the nature of men and women it is true that everything can look unfair but we set rather arbitrary standards of where fairness lies.

Men dominate senior positions in the largest global companies, most likely because they have particular natural abilities to do those tasks well.

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While statistics can, theoretically, be used to prove/disprove anything, smart people can usually see through the lies to focus on the numbers.

Not only are they different on the physical level but they differ in almost every way they relate to the world around them.


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