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He created the terracing (left) which followed the line of the old mill leat.

He sold Hele Valley to the present owner's, David and Sandra Dovey, in 1970.

In 1989 a freak storm destroyed much of the clubhouse and it had to be substantially rebuilt (below right) (6).

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(8) In 1974, Ilfracombe Swimming Pool was opened beside Brimlands.

In the 1970's and 1980's there was a tidal paddling pool on Hele Beach (below left).

This photograph of Hele Valley (below right) shows camping in the top field (now discontinued) and the gas holders.

(3) Hele Bay Holiday Flats are said to have been built at the end of the 1960's, after the gas works had closed.

(5) In 1962 an electric generator was installed at Ilfracombe Golf Club and in 1966 the Club purchased the site from the landowner, Mrs Watts.

The pavilion continued to be extended, as can be seen in this photograph from 1975 (left) and a water supply was installed, supplied by a borehole.

(1) In 1961 the Annear's, then owners of the campsite by the beach, obtained permission to site static caravans, and sold the site to Arthur Penzer; he created the terraces (left) and sited some caravans, before selling it on to George and Shirley Bank's in 1964.

They developed Beachside with home-made caravans, called chalivans (right) and after nearly 20 years, sold it to Ashton Steel Stockholders, who replaced the chalivans with static caravans.

It was run under the management of Arthur and Winnie Campbell until 1997 when it was bought by John & Melanie Moore, who upgraded many of the caravans and rebuilt the main entrance and many dry-stone walls before selling the site to the Crocket's in 2003.

(2) It is said that there was camping at Hele Valley from 1947 and in the early 1960's, probably soon after the gas works closed in 1962, a Mr Devine, who lived at Moles Farmhouse, obtained permission to site caravans there.

This photograph also shows the old steps up Hillsborough, closed around the late 1970's, new steps were made a little inland.


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