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Natural ID sensors also function under glass, making it possible to eliminate the home button on smartphones.

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The touchpad was subsequently adopted by other leading computer manufacturers of the time, including Compaq and Dell, launching Synaptics' growth as a company and establishing touchpads as a standard feature in notebook PCs.

As integration of the touchpad grew, Synaptics continued to refine its technology, building a vision to integrate it with other solutions and create a range of human interface technologies to expand the company.

The following year, Synaptics acquired Validity Sensors, a fingerprint sensor vendor based in San Jose, adding biometrics and fingerprint sensing to Synaptics' portfolio of solutions.

Synaptics acquired Renesas SP Drivers Inc., a Japanese company specializing in chips that manage LCD displays, in 2014.

During Synaptics' early years, the laptop industry was struggling to make devices thinner because the spherical trackballs included in them required thicker device builds.

Synaptics' founders recognized this issue and in 1992, used the pattern recognition techniques it developed to build the world's first touchpad, which Apple adopted in 1995.For advanced touch features, Touch View products support virtually all Clear Pad touch controller features.Synaptics is a founding member of the FIDO (Fast ID Online) Alliance and the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI).Since then, Synaptics' solutions have been adopted in various markets beyond notebook computers.In 2005, Synaptics' sensor technology was featured in the world's first mobile phone to use capacitive-touch technology, the Samsung B310.Synaptics purchased Renesas SP for approximately JPY48.5B (5 million) for 100% of the company.

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