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request=exhibit;id=7015 Arts Journal: daily digest of arts and cultural journalism - Emily Carr University of Art Design – International Dada archive - Lost Treasures from Iraq: objects lost from museums and libraries in 2003 war - of Bad Art - Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) - Art Gallery - Portrait Artist: lessons in sketching, drawing portraits - Wendy's American Collection - of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art) - Timelines of Art History: The World: organized by civilization and period - Years of Italian Sculpture: by sculptor, in Italian - Vancouver Art Gallery: Emily Carr - Carr/ Vincent Van Gogh Gallery: complete works - Watercolor look, read, learn to paint - Gallery of Art: European paintings and sculpture, 1150-1800 - World Wide Arts Resources: online gallery and sales - Art UK: formerly Your Paintings by the BBC - Bartender magazine - Bartending: demos, competitions, thousands of mixed drink recipes - Web Tender: drink recipes, bartender’s handbook, and forum - Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Institute - https:// Prime Wines: wine selection and purchase - Budweiser Canada - Brewing Co.- Bourbon - Magazine - Systems: point of sale order entry technology – Canada Safety Council – Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – Safety Canada – Work Safe BC (formerly Worker’s Compensation Board) – David Douglas Botanical Garden Society (Prince George) - 3D Anatomical Models: rotatable images of human anatomy - American Institute of Biological Sciences - Amazing Cells: genetics lessons - Basic Immunology: online multimedia immunobiology course (some pay for use) - Busters (Cornell U): citizens report infestations - Beetle Science - cat=Financial-Literacy Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations - Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of BC - Bureau of Labor Statistics - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) - Canadian Embassies and Consulates - Business with Canada - Business: business regulations for local firms in 190 economies and selected cities- Global EDGE International Business Resource Desk - Desk/ International Monetary Fund (IMF) - International Relations: for Canadian companies doing business abroad, and international companies doing business in Canada - International Trade Commission (ITC; based in US) - Library of Parliament, Trade and Investment Series - Publications/North American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA Secretariat) - Office of the Chief Economist-

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- Centre for Education Information: career & labour market info - Access - Career Consortium: with Career Directions occupational profiles - Canadian Careers: career resources - Career Directions (Canada Career Consortium) - Edge: national youth internship program - in Construction - Careers in Trades (HRDC) Canadian Apprenticeship Forum - of Occupational Titles Index - Canada - Environmental Careers Organization- Job-Hunt: jobs, career profiles, videos (U.

S.) - Works: information about health and medical science careers - Works.nsf/feature/Occupational Outlook Handbook (US) - Retired Worker Canada: for retirees who want part-time, temporary or contract work - Vector: 150 six-minute video profiles of Canada's most-needed careers - Vocational Information Center - World's Worst Jobs - Worst Jobs in History!

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Research tip for students: Before looking for information on the Internet, make sure you have checked for published works on your topic first.

Arts Wells Festival - Community Arts Council of Fort St.

James - Goat River Folk Art (Vanderhoof) - Groop Gallery (Prince George) - Island Mountain Arts (Wells) - Lakes Artisan Centre (Burns Lake) - Mackenzie Community Arts Council/Centre - PROCESS 4 circle arts (Burns Lake) - Quesnel Art Gallery - Two Rivers Gallery (Prince George) - Causes of Color: color theory - for Interior Design & Decoration - Color Matters - Color Theory: Facts and Thoughts in Color - Theory: for watercolors - Theory Overview: tutorial by Worqx - Dimensions of Colour - General Colour Sites: from David Briggs - An Introduction to Color Theory (Itten) - Wheel Ebook_Itten, Johannes - and Architecture Thesaurus Online - History ( - Art History Index (World Wide Arts Resources) - UK: formerly Your Paintings by the BBC - Art:21: gateway to 21st century art and artists (PBS) - Artchive: archive of artists and art history - Artcyclopedia: index of online museums and image archives - Artnet: the art world online, including galleries, auctions - Arts & Crafts Movement: 1880-1920 in Europe and America - - 411: a directory of food-related businesses - Network- Timeline: food throughout history - Gourmet - Gourmet Connection: gourmet food & health magazine - The Internet Chef online – Protein Recipes - id=89 Meals for You: recipe search - Medieval Cookery - Mimi's Cyber Kitchen - Recipezaar: menu ideas and recipes - Restaurant Report: for hospitality industry professionals - Rouxbe: for apprentice and aspiring chefs - Sonoma Diet: with "top 10 power foods" - of Justice - Crime Solutions: research into what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, victim services(US Dept of Justice) - Resources (York University) - History: famous cases - Security Report Project at SFU: international studies on political violence, war - Interactive Investigator-Forensic Science: play a game, solve a crime – Law Enforcement Technology - pub Id=1 Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, 1674-1834: digitized accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials, search by keyword, date, name, place, crime (e.g. whipping, hanging) - Center on Quality Policing - RCMP - US Bureau of Justice Statistics - National Criminal Justice Reference Service(US): abstracts, full-text, statistics - Net: industry news, formulas, recipes - BBC Food: recipes from BBC cooking shows - Boke of Gode Cookery: medieval food & feasts - Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks - Restaurant and Food Services Association - Chef de Cuisine: features recipes in notecard format - Cook's Thesaurus: food substitutions - Cookbook Wiki: the open source cookbook anyone can edit - Cookipedia - Creole and Cajun Recipe Page - Cooking Schools and Institutes - Epicurean Online - Epicurious: the world's greatest recipe collection - America: search for historical recipes by name, ingredient, etc.pagenumber=1 Star Chefs - Terra Madre: slow food movement - Vegetarian Times: recipes, links, articles - Weird Food from around the World - World's Healthiest Foods List A-Z - Media TACTV and Voiceprint services: brings TV and news programs to registered disability users in voice, described video, closed captioning formats - Canadian Dyslexia Association - Learning Disabilities Association of BC - Ai MHi - Prince George Association for Community Living: BSL Manual Alphabet - Cultural Society of the Deaf - [email protected] - Resource Library - BC Centre for Accessible Post-secondary Education Resources (CAPER-BC): catalogue of resources for blind and visually impaired - Canadian National Institute for the Blind - American Printing House for the Blind: Louis database - American Sign Language dictionary - Speak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online - Hot Braille: send Braille letters, learn more about Braille - Child Trends: US research and data - Resource and Research Unit (Canada) - Children’s Literature Web Guide (UCalgary) - Daycare Providers Home Page - - Center for Early Childhood Development & Learning - Perpetual Preschool: for early childhood educators – PIKA Canadian Children's Literature Database: bibliographic information, summaries, age levels for over 35,000 titles - for parents, educators and kids - Dr. Seuss Web Page - Fairy Tales: Anderson [Flash animation] - Tales: Grimm [Flash animation] - Kids Play - Centre for Education Information (CEISS) - Community Learning Network: educational technology K-12 - BC Council on Admissions and Transfer: with Online Transfer Guide links to institutions - BC Education Planner (formerly Opening Doors, info on BC post-secondary programmes) - Ministry of Advanced Education- BC Ministry of Education: with K-12 Policy Manual K-9 curriculum guides - BC Ministry of Education Course Registry: complete information about BC Grades 10-12 courses, as well as links to External Credentials, Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation Program etc.


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