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It vows to "work to improve the social and economic conditions of both the estates where our houses are located as well as other disadvantaged areas in the Bolton borough." It is run by a board made up of councillors, independent members and tenants.

But in 2003, Bolton At Home employees were prohibited from displaying national flags and stickers on their cars following a complaint about an Irish flag on a caretaker's van.

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On its website the organisation says: 'Equality and valuing diversity are central to our organisational values.'We want our workplace to be free of discrimination against any racial or social group, or any individual.

Possession of a few of these traits are not “proof” that a school is automatically a Mc Dojo. I agree with your disclaimer, that a single sign of these doesn't mean you're on a mc Dojo, and that sometimes you can find treasures among all the trash.

Whether you’re hankering after a pistol grip for that vintage Hasselblad single reflex camera, or want to learn all the lyrics to R.

M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know it,” the World Wide Web has made tracking down and securing even the most obscure objects your heart desires a lot easier.

Yet all of us think we should be waving the England flag with pride.

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