Ranbir and nargis dating

, Nargis Fakhri and he were never an item to begin with.

The real story behind the flash-in-a-pan romance between Ranbir and his part Czech, part Pakistani co-star, say sources, is very complicated.

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Turns out that ‘leaking’ information of an affair between the duo was a clever idea to gain publicity for the film in which they play lovers.

The full-fledged publicity of the Imtiaz Ali directed film will begin some time around June, according to spokespersons. But then it was a clever idea to leak reports of their closeness and make it seem like they were having an affair,” says the source.

Nargis has been criticized for her performance in ' Rockstar' but she took the criticism in a positive way.

"I deal with the criticism the same way I deal with the praise.

“Ranbir was flirting with Nargis after they were introduced and they might have been spotted canoodling with each other but it was never serious. Sources also point out that the timing of the ‘leaks’ were cleverly monitored to ensure that Nargis becomes a known name by the time the promotions of the film begins.

“News about Nargis is being very cleverly filtered out.co-star Nargis Fakhri have broken up has been widely reported.Reports coming in now suggest it was Nargis who moved on, only to start dating model-turned-actor Shayan Munshi, widely known as the witness who turned hostile in the Jessica Lall murder case.It’s the scene in Om Shanti Om when Arjun Rampal and me are fighting in the room and Shah Rukh Khan hears everything from the vents, just before Jag Soona Soona Lage.So it was one of those days in Filmistan when we were shooting for the film and I walked out from a take and was walking towards my vanity.The catch being, when it comes to Ranbir it is generally the new- age superstar who is known to hop from one girl to the next, as is obvious from his past flings with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.


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