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Spokojnie to tylko internetowy slang, z którego korzystają użytkownicy serwisów społecznościowych. Skrót tbt oznacza Throwback Thursday, chodzi tu o czwartkowe udostępnianie pamiątkowych fotek.Każde określenie ma swoje wyjaśnienie, a my zebraliśmy te pojęcia w jednym miejscu i specjalnie dla Was rozpracowujemy internetowy slang na ;) - pojęcie to wywodzi się od serwisu Tumblr. Mistrzem wspominkowych zdjęć jest Jutstin Bieber, który chętnie wspomina swój związek z Seleną Gomez.I used an old Grundig radio with a (so called) green tuning eye. In 1964 Jimmy Savile hosted the first episode of Top Of The Pops, and the week after its launch guested on the second edition from a Manchester Church suspended upside down from a rope with Todd Slaughter desperately hanging on the other end. I've been trying to find the name of it so I can get a recording but to no avail! I was an avid listener of Luxy from about 1970 through to the 80s.

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Griffin won at Teal Bend and at The Bridges in San Ramon.

He had five Top 5 finishes during the regular season.

To właśnie tam młode, ładne dziewczyny prowadzą swoje blogi - stąd określenie tumblr girl. Kolejny popularny hashtag to czyli You Only Live Once. Określenie to oznacza spontaniczność w działaniu, szaleństwo i młodość.

Często ich zdjęcia wyróżniają charakterystyczne stroje, fryzury, ujęcia i gadżety Zdarza się, że YOLO używa się także jako wymówki dla nieodpowiedzialnych zachowań.

Przeglądając internet i portale społecznościowe spotykasz oznaczenia, których nie rozumiesz? A jakby tego było mało nie wiesz też kim jest tumblr girl?

Na rozpracowujemy skróty i oznaczenia, których używają internauci. Zadajesz sobie takie pytani przeglądając Facebooka, Twittera i Instagram?Because I was young I went to bed at ten; and waked up by the alarm-clock at midnight. Most of the programmes before midnight were recorded in the Radio Luxembourg studio in London; at 38 Hertford Street, W1. J.'s were Jimmy Savile , Jimmy Young, Tony Hall, Alan Freeman Jack Jackson, Don Moss, Keith Fordyce, Peter Murray, Peter Aldersley, Ray Orchard, Muriel Young, Pete Brady, Brian Matthew, Sam Costa, David Jacobs, Kenny Everett, Keith Skues, Johnny Moran, Simon Dee, Barry O' Dee, Hughie Green, Doug Stanley, Alan Dell, David Gell, Katie Boyle, Carol Deene and Ernie Williams. Some of these recorded programmes were: Topical Tunes, , Battle of the Giants, Jimmy Young Show, Tony Hall show, Jack Jackson's Jukebox, Guys, girls and groups, Tune a minute , Top pops, Pops till midnight, Sam Costa's Corner, Teen and Twenty Disc Club, David Jacobs Show, The Peter Murray Show, Brian Matthew's Pop parade, Simon's Scene. Muffled the sound with a cushion so my parents wouldn't know I'd sneaked downstairs. I used to write the Top 20 down in a notebook, religiously, between 19. Todd Slaughter Leicester, United Kingdom (05/11/2011). I hear now from the satellite astra 19 degrees aest in the german talk. I found two old brown tapes with original Top Twenty's. And "The Friday Spectacular" (EMI records); each Friday between 10 and 11 p.m. And I'll never forget that week when the Beatles had 2 singles, an EP and a LP in the Top 10. In the 70's the only way for Irish kids to hear pop music was 208. A superb site - brought back many happy listening memories - thank you. Between the recorded programmes the resident discjockey told that "This is Radio Luxembourg, Your Station Of The Stars" and pushed the button to sound the (famous) gong. In the engineer's room stood a small mixing console, two turntables and three taperecorders. 208 was on all night in my late teens in the early 80s and a potential girl friend just had to love or at least stand it. Even Barry Aldis thought that was something special. Lovely memories of listening to Luxembourg under the bed clothes so my mum wouldn't know I wasn't asleep!! These discjockeys presented programs too; like "Sundays requests" , "Let's take a spin" or The Postal Bingo Show. Two were for the programmes; one was for the commercials. And after the last tune (4 am on the continent) she would have to leave to give me a couple hours sleep before going to school. Good to see so many others here share the love of the memories. In nine tournaments he finished in the Top 20 all nine times.

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