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At the start of World War II, thousands of Philippine-born Filipinos were recruited to serve in the military, especially the Navy, where they took jobs mostly as stewards and cooks.

This population comprises the second wave of immigration and an important segment of the Filipino population in the United States today.

The 1990 Immigration Act limited the number of family-sponsored preference visas, which continue to decline each year.

Instead, employment-based preferences -- mostly temporary -- are on the rise and have become the foremost means of entry for Filipinos to the United States. As a result, record high numbers of Filipinos are being deported.

Today, Filipinos are dispersed throughout the nation, but most still live in California and Hawaii, a legacy of the laborers who worked the fields and canneries of the West Coast in the early 1900s and created communities and social networks there. military bases in the Philippines heavily recruited Filipinos for enlisted positions and civilian jobs.

In 2000, seven of the ten cities with the largest Filipino populations were in California. Many enlisted Filipinos were sent to bases in the U. San Diego's Filipino community is a direct outgrowth of the Naval base there.

After the 1965 Immigration Act, Filipinos began arriving in the U. for education, work, and to escape the repressive political regime of President Ferdinand Marcos.

This resulted in a significant brain drain of highly- educated Filipinos.

Since 1970, the Filipino population has grown nearly seven times, from 336,731 to 2,364,815, making up almost one percent of the national population. into the world market as an export economy resulted in the loss of small family-owned farms.

This includes hapas of part-Filipino ancestry, who make up 22 percent of the Filipino American population -- the third-highest rate among major APA groups (behind Native Hawaiians and Japanese). Amid promises of monetary success, young displaced male Filipinos with minimal educations and bleak economic futures readily chose to immigrate to the United States -- especially since their status as American nationals after the Spanish- American War made it easy to do so.

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