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Hawley said last month that Moore should drop out of the Alabama Senate race unless he produced “solid evidence” that the allegations against him were not true. A Hawley spokeswoman, Kelli Ford, referred Wednesday to that statement on Moore and reiterated calls for Democrats to return money that Franken raised at that St. Mc Caskill’s decision Wednesday to call on Franken to resign will increase Democratic pressure on Hawley, or other prospective Republican Senate candidates, to say whether they would vote to expel Moore should he be elected in Alabama next week and the Senate gets to that point.

Hawley, through Ford, did not immediately address that question Wednesday. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., has said Moore’s accusers are more believable than the Senate candidate.

Among the first of the group of senators who helped spark the resignation firestorm against Franken was Mc Caskill, who in a terse tweet simply said, “Al Franken should resign.”A spokesman said Mc Caskill would not comment further, and referred to previous statements in which Mc Caskill said she was troubled by the allegations against Franken, who appeared at a Democratic fundraiser with Mc Caskill in St. Franken called the allegation “categorically not true.” The alleged incident happened two years before he was first elected to the Senate.

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But Franken said in a tweet Wednesday evening that no decision had been made.

Revisit STL area political scandals His announcement will come just five days before Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore stands before voters in a special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In most of the cases, investigative reporting brought forth the allegations, often with reluctant witnesses. Y., and Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, tweeted similar sentiments.

The compendium against Franken and others has launched a stirring social movement, fueled by social media and the perception that the behavior alleged — and in some cases admitted to — is no longer acceptable. That set off a flurry of similar calls on social media and in interviews, first from a steady parade of Democratic senators, and then at least one Republican, Sen. Their calls came after Politico reported that another woman, whom it did not name, alleged that Franken tried to kiss her against her will after a broadcast of the radio show that Franken was hosting in 2006.

Mc Caskill is friends with Franken and introduced him as a “star” who gave up a lucrative comedy career because “he wanted to speak louder, especially for those folks who don’t have a voice,” at the Missouri Democratic Party’s annual Truman Dinner fundraiser in St. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is among four candidates running for the GOP nomination to oppose Mc Caskill next year, had called on Mc Caskill to return donations from Franken.

Mc Caskill said she would send the ,000 she got from Franken’s “Midwest Values PAC” to Missouri food banks. ” Yes, it might sound daunting, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be called a You may have heard of the Lifetime TV show “The 7 Days of Sex Challenge.” Couples with marriage struggles sign up and agree to be intimate every day for a whole week. Each couple rediscovers things about each other and grows closer together.We have to give some serious love to our designer Joanna of Cutify Creative for creating these super sexy printables to help make your challenge even more fun and successful!Claire Mc Caskill of Missouri — called for him to resign.Minnesota Public Radio reported late Wednesday that a Democratic source said Franken planned to do so.The latest in the Franken saga comes at the end of a remarkable year in which sexual harassment and power dynamics in the workplace, and in public life, have been exposed, debated and politicized.

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