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I has very helpful information on credit cards and debt.For a range of people coming to this site their purpose will be very clear.

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Many will look for a balance transfer offer where they can move current debt to a new bank and pay a low rate.

Others will be simply looking for the lowest purchase rate, others are sick of paying an annual fee and will look at for a no annual fee offer.

Great offers come to market and sometimes leave as quickly as they came.

Though the market appears to becoming more stable with offers typically staying around for a number of months before they expire.

This varies all the time so it’s a good idea to review the market over a period of time, rather than just jumping into things.

Though if an offer is right for you or too good to be true then it probably won’t last very long.Travelers seem to benefit most from credit cards and they usually will have more to think about over people that are not interested in those types of features.Bottom line is that it’s hard to find a credit card that will suit all your needs.Compare big banks such as ANZ, Commbank, NAB and Westpac through to smaller banks and credit unions.This is all presented in an easy to use format with rates and offers updated on a daily basis.The truth is that only a small percentage of the population actually understand credit cards and how to get the best out of them.


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